The outdoor yoga experience

The outdoor yoga experience

Stand with your feet in the sand, feel the grass between your toes, or enjoy the breeze on the water. Outdoor yoga in nature gives your yoga practise a new dimension. On the website Buiten-Yoga you will find an extensive overview of yoga classes at many great outdoor locations. You can also search for a specific date, location or style. Find a class near you to relax after a long day at work or book a class in another city. You can also combine a yoga class with a holiday weekend to discover more of the country.

Beach yoga

Strand yoga

The sound of the waves and the wind blowing though your hair: that’s yoga on the beach. Buiten-Yoga gives you an overview of all beach yoga locations along the coast. But also classes at lake beaches or on city beaches.

Park yoga

Park yoga

How about practising yoga at the Vondelpark in Amsterdam or in a park near the Euromast in Rotterdam? Experience yoga in nature in the middle of the hustle and bustle of a city centre. Sometimes in peace and quiet, other times among the activity of other park visitors doing other sports and activities. Your challenge is to you to keep your focus on your practise!

Yoga in the forest or in nature reserves

Yoga in bossen en natuurgebieden

Besides beach and park yoga, there are many more other beautiful locations in nature. For example forests and nature reserves. From the Veluwe to the sand dunes near Castricum. Find a beautiful location on and have a great start of your day with a yoga class at one of these special locations.

Yoga on or near the water (other than beaches)

Lately SUP yoga has gained a lot of popularity. SUP is short for stand up paddling. You float on a wide surfboard and carry out yoga postures balancing on the water. Experience yoga on a SUP board on lakes, sea or even in the canals in Amsterdam! Besides SUP yoga there are also mainstream yoga classes at fantastic locations on or close to the water. You can even do yoga on an island, whereby a boat will take you to your class!

Other locations

Next to the various yoga location categories mentioned above, there are many more special outdoor yoga spots in the Netherlands. Take for example yoga on rooftop terraces with an amazing view or yoga in an orchard. Don’t forget to also take a look in this category for unique outdoor yoga spots!

Take your yoga mat on an adventure and discover all the special locations in the country. Enjoy!