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Free listing of weekly yogaclasses aims to create a complete overview of outdoor yoga locations throughout the Netherlands. Weekly* outdoor yoga class listings are free (*with a minimum of 4 classes in a row). Single (pop-up) classes can be listed on our event calendar. As a Premium Community Member you can add as many pop-up classes as you like. If concerns a stand-alone class, you can also choose to list them as a single event.  

Put your clas(ses) on the map!

  1. Click on "signup" on the right side on top of the page

  2. Create an account 

  3. You can now add your classes per location 

Contribute to the community ánd get more out of your class listing! 

Without you hosting outdoor classes on the most beautiful spots in nature in this country, this platform wouldn't have existed. We are here to help you promote your classes and we couldn't think of anything else we'd rather to than making sure that more and more yogis in this country get a taste of practising yoga in nature. Our Community Members enable us to promote the platform to an increasingly large audience. Your support as a community member directly contributes to the growth of outdoor yoga. And in addition you get a lot back for it too! 

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Event promotion options

Listing workshops, events and travels

Events can be listed on our event calendar. We ask for a small contribution to list events such as pop-up classes, workshops, events, retreats and yoga teacher trainings.  

Events can be created in your account. Once you've created an event, we will contact you concerning the payment. Once we've received the payment, the events will show on the event calendar. 

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Partner logo

Teachers and studios can help to reach a larger audience with One of the ways to help is to place one of the partner logos below on your own website with a link to (or the page on our website with your classes). 

If you ask us, outdoor yoga will be the new yoga trend! We will try our very best to promote your classes in our community. And we'd appreciate it very much if you would be willing to do the same for us via this partner badge. 

In case you've decided to become a Premium Community member, you'll also be receiving review on which you can highlight on your website partner badge as well. 

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How do I place the badge on my website? 

  • Right click on one of the images above
  • Choos "save as" and name it
  • Upload the image on your own website with a link to 

Prefer HTML?

You can also place the badge on your website with some HTML: 
<img src="" title="Partner badge Buiten-Yoga algemeen" alt="Buiten-Yoga Partner" data-rel="225x255" width="300" height="90" >

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