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Our favourite quotes about yoga, nature and life

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Yoga is zoveel meer dan alleen de fysieke beoefening. Yoga veranderd de manier waarop we denken, voelen, ons tot de natuur en tot anderen verhouden en daarmee de manier waarop we leven. Er is al zo ontzettend veel geschreven over yoga. En tegelijkertijd kan je yoga alleen maar begrijpen door het te ervaren. De beoefening zorgt voor inzichten, niet andersom. Die inzichten zijn soms bijna niet in tekst te vangen. We hopen jullie met deze 25 (Engelse) quotes over yoga en alles wat daar mee verbonden is te inspireren en te motiveren in jullie practise. Enjoy :)

November Project Amsterdam

November Project Amsterdam Nemo

Saturday morning 17 December. Alarm ringing at 06.30.. Still dark outside but, hey; out of bed..! I was invited for a special edition of November Project. A work-out during sunrise on the Nemo rooftop, followed by an outdoor yoga session. And of course I didn't want to miss that as a die-hard outdoor yoga fan! 

It gave me a very special feeling to cross the city in the dark with this mission, while passing some party peeps on their way home. Wil climbing the first stairs at Nemo, I noticed (slightly surprised..) that I definitely wasn't the only person who was willing to get up at this time of day on a Saturday morning. I was suddenly part of a true outdoor community, that kindly gave me a warm welcome.
November Project Amsterdam Nemo

Take your time to take a step back
Stapje terug

The holiday period has come to an end and it’s back to normal life at full speed. But are you rested enough? So, we usually don’t take enough time to recharge. Everyone should, besides the holiday, have regular short breaks to retreat.