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Pranayama: keeping the prana (life force energy) under control to train the obedience of your mind

Belle Jansen Pranayama


Controling and elongating your breath


The goal of yoga is to silence the mind. To reach this goal, an important step is to learn how to control and elngate your breath: because when you focus on your breathing, you'll notice you won't be able to be busy with other things at the same time. This is the state of 'eka tattva', where you focus on one thing only. Pranayama is a collective term for different breathing techniques. 'Prana' means life force energy and the meaning of 'ayama' is to control and elongate. By practising pranayama, you use your breath to influence the stream and quality of of prana and you train your mind to be obedient. You'll learn to calm yourself when you notice you're stressed, angry, sad or nervous and how to energize yourself by using specific pranayama techniques.