What is yoga with a strong therapeutic component?

(Outdoor-)yoga teacher Irene Vos shares the story of her specialization in therapeutic yoga. 

I am a yoga teacher with a specialization in Cricital Alignment Yoga and Restorative Yoga. These yoga styles both have a therapeutic effect. The exercises are relatively easy to learn and are very suitable for home practise. Yoga is a way to explore yourself; through the poses you will start to feel where tension is stored in your body. How do you feel this? Your body can give signals such as resistance, a stiff feeling or pain. We often ignore those signals and only when ailments occur, we finaly start to listen to our bodies. I teach to connect body and mind through relaxation. My students started to ask me if I could video tape the exercises for them, so they could practise at home. And finally I did. I created an online program. The online classes consist of a series of 10 elaborate video-classes that you can follow from the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want). Via your computer, phone or tablet. The first 5 classes are focussed on the lower back, followed by 4 classes that concentrate on the upper back and in class 10 you will be given a series that takes care of the whole back. The first 9 classes have a duration of 30 minutes and the last class is a full hour. The program has no limitations in terms of expiration time, so you can use it to practise as often as you like. 
Critical Alignment Yoga and Therapy is accessible for everyone; both for beginners and more experienced yogi's. And it's also very suitable for people with back complaints, neck and shoulder complaints or injuries after operations, joint problems, etc. The moment these kind of challenges enter your life is the moment you start to take care of yourself, learn about your own boundaries, which you can also stretch step by step. This is the point where you start to experience how you can move lightly and freely again. Because the posture of your body determines how you feel. In addition you'll experience more calmth. Not just in your mind, but also in your daily life. You find yourself being nicer to yourself and to others. And you'll feel more balanced. You will discover the added value of moving freely and you'll experience more space in your daily routine, which will make you feel better in your own body. This has many positive effects on both your private life and your yoga practise. Actually, the yoga class starts when you step off of your mat and start to apply the the teachings in your daily life. 


The progam is running already and these are the first reviews: 

"I was given the opportunity to explore the CAY program. It's clear, with proper explanations, theory and lots of video's. A lot of time and attention has been given to the program. In case anyone still has doubts, it's more than worth the investment! Irene, I wish you lots of succes!" 

"It looks so good. So much energy, time and love have been put into this program. I'm very happy with it!"

"I've instantly watched and practised a class. Very clear explanation and really like the exercises."

"Very well done and very inspiring. I benefit a lot, also combined with pure meditation. I'm looking forward to the next classes."

Want to particpate in the program? You will find all the information here: Online Critical Alignment Yoga Programma (OCAYP)
Sunny winter regards from Ommen, 


During the summer season Irene facilitates 14(!) outdoor yogaclasses per week at Natuurcamping de Lemeler Esch! You can find more information about her outdoor classes here.

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