Top 5 outdoor yoga locations June

Go grab your mat and go get those necessary Vitamine D's! 

Last month, many new locations have been added to our website. Where are you planning to role out your mat on these wonderful sunny days? Usually we make a Things-To-Do list with things that don't always lead to more relaxation. Let's turn things around and create a list that functions as a ready-to-go recipe for more relaxation, connection with nature, yourself and others! 

Discover The Netherlands with your yoga mat! In the region Voorne - Putten a weekly yoga class with varying styles is organized on different locations nearby the forest. Take a walk through the wonderful Rosarium park in Heerhugowaard combined with yoga and meditation or in Utrecht enjoying an Easy Flow class on the grass in Recreatiegebied Ruigenhoek, with the sound of birds in the background. Would you like to feel the sand underneath your feet? Then choose Aloha in Wijk aan Zee! And if you'd like to connect to nature even more, choose De Peerdengaert in Strijen, where you can hug the animals after class! 

Have you also noticed that you can now book all yoga classes directly via the website? After a class visit you can also leave a review, helping teachers to stand out on the website and helping other yogis to select the right class for them :) 

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The most beautiful outdoor yoga locations in June

1. Voorne-Putten - Changing locations

Yogaclass Voorne-Putten

2. Heerhugowaard - Rosarium Park

Yogaclass Heerhugowaard

3. Utrecht - Recreatiegebied Ruigenhoek

Yogaclass Utrecht

4. Wijk aan Zee - Aloha

Yogaclass Wijk aan Zee

5. Strijen - De Peerdengaert

Yogaclass Strijen

Het is natuurlijk fantastisch als een van deze bijzondere locaties net om de hoek is voor je, maar ook als dat niet het geval is hopen we je met deze top 5 van mei geïnspireerd te hebben om nieuwe plekken en yogalessen te ontdekken in de rest van Nederland! 


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