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Buiten-Yoga is a community platform that connects yoga teachers and yoga practitioners to find their favorite type of yoga at the most beautiful spots in The Netherlands. Helping you to take a moment of stillness and do yoga in nature. The Netherlands has many hidden treasures in nature to explore, nevertheless many other countries have! Therefore: Buiten-Yoga.nl is going international!

After some hard work on the Dutch website it is time to roll out this beautiful concept to other countries. We would love to bring as much yoga-joy and happiness in nature to as many people as possible. :) 

Happy to announce the new Danish sister www.Outdoor-Yoga.dk

Maria Abildgaard is locating and registering all the wonderful places in Denmark to do yoga outdoors. Maria found the joy of yoga in 2003. Back then yoga was still a quite unknown phenomenon, but the fitness studio Maria went to started a yoga style called “Yoga Fitness”. It was a mix between yoga, pilates and thai chi. From then on Maria wanted to explore more from the yoga world, so she tried all sorts of yoga styles. When she was traveling abroad, especially to warmer locations, she tried outdoor yoga – mostly at beaches, and she was even more hooked. In 2008 she gave birth to her first child and during her pregnancy she started following a prenatal class. Maria has been trying all kind of yoga styles and found out that there will always be a yoga style that fits your mental or physical well being. Maria has always found her best self when she was surrounded by nature and combining nature with her big passion for yoga, she couldn’t be more peaceful. 


Denmark is quite similar to The Netherlands, both in terms of country characteristics and people. The small country of Denmark has a lot to offer with beautiful beaches, old historical cities and great food. This year, the city of Aarhus is the European Capital of Culture. So why not pay this beautiful city a visit?! There are so many great places to do outdoor yoga. Aarhus is located very close to nice beaches and beautiful forests. In Aarhus you could do all sorts of outdoor yoga like Stand Up Paddling, beach and park yoga. Besides yoga, Aarhus has a very famous museum, ArOS, great food, good shopping, cool coffee shops and in general a very cozy vibe in this second biggest city of Denmark. 

Are you interested in surfing, “Cold Hawaii” must be on your to-do list over places to visit. “Cold Hawaii” is located in the north western part of Jutland. Each year people from all over the world visit Klitmøller, the real name of the city, due to great wind and the big waves. Outdoor yoga has also become very popular at the beach of Klitmøller. 

Still have Copenhagen on your to-do-list to visit? What about join in on Copenhagen Jazz Festival between July 7-16. You can find all sorts of jazz around wonderful Copenhagen during these days and a great way of feeling the vibe of the city. You must go for a bite or a drink in Nyhavn – this is where sailors entered Copenhagen back in the days. The beautiful houses are all still remaining and you will find great places to get a tattoo, if that is on your wish list. Copenhagen is surrounded by water, and you can rent a kayak to paddle around the canals of Copenhagen – a good way to see this beautiful city from the waterside. 

Copenhagen is a beautiful city to experience Denmark but after many culture, buildings and shopping your shoulders and feet are heavy from the new goods you bought and will probably be in need of some relaxing yoga and nature. 

Outdoor-Yoga.dk is there to help! Places that aren’t in the local tourist guide or Lonely Planet will be easily found with one click. Experience amazing spots in Denmark where you would never end up without Outdoor-Yoga; smell nature, do yoga and connect to the beautiful Danish people! 

Interested in starting your own Outdoor-Yoga platform in your country or know someone who might be interested? Take a look at: http://www.outdoor-experience-company.com and/or contact us via info@buiten-yoga.nl :) 




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